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Celebrating Over 25 Years of Trust & Innovation

American Institute of Trucking (AIT) is known industry-wide today for its longstanding, successful truck driver training programs, but it has a rich history dating back to 1981 as a vocational institute founded to assist career-minded people reach success. In 1991, the growing need for drivers in the transportation industry became apparent. Recognizing the firm grasp it had on proven vocational training techniques, truck driver training became a focal point for AIT. Specific training programs were developed that enabled graduates to be placed into careers once they obtained their CDL. At that point, the mission of AIT became clear — train the best qualified people to become successful career-minded truck drivers, valued by the finest transportation companies in the country.

Over the years, AIT has established itself as a respected, national leader in driver training and has placed over 10,000 drivers with well-known carriers in the transportation industry.

Implementation of the highest standards, along with constant attention to detail in every aspect of the industry, and rigorous and refined training procedures make AIT graduates the most sought after employees for transportation companies. In fact, several leading carriers actively seek out AIT students and offer pre-hire agreements before training begins.

The transportation industry has changed considerably through the years, in every imaginable aspect. Federal and individual state laws, company procedures, and ever-improving technologies have boosted efficiency and safety. AIT monitors those changes and consistently updates its education offerings and equipment along with the industry. Most importantly, AIT works closely with top carriers to design curriculum that is current, relevant, and prepares graduates for successful employment upon graduation.

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