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Accreditation is important for trainees

Every school, whether academic or technical in nature, owes its students meaningful education with the highest ethical standards. AIT is no exception to this, which is why maintaining accreditation with the ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges) is important for both the school and students.

What does Accreditation mean to trainees?

Accreditation matters on several levels. The process is entirely voluntary, thus schools seeking accreditation are willing to be scrutinized for the sake of proving the quality of education offered. An independent, non-government organization reviews the curriculum and institution in great detail to determine the quality and level of education, as well as ensure adherence to a certain standard of education. By ensuring those standards and strict guidelines are consistently met, accreditation lends an institution’s graduates credibility and value to potential employers. Participation in financial aid programs is largely dependent on accreditation and enables a school to broaden the accessibility of its education.

Successful drivers trained at AIT work for the finest carriers in the industry and the transportation industry remains the backbone of the economy. AIT is accredited by the ACCSC to underscore its commitment to its students, the transportation industry, and the surrounding community. For more information about our driver training programs or our accreditation contact AIT today!

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