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The trucking industry remains essential to the American economy, whether it’s a time of recession or a time of growth. It serves as the bloodline to multiple major industries by delivering parts, supplies, and products to warehouses, factories, stores and consumers. It is estimated that more than 12,350 positions need to be filled right now to keep up with supply demand across the country*.

AIT-trained truck drivers become valued assets to carrier companies. Carriers choose to invest in their employees by offering sought-after benefits such as pre-hire commitments, health & dental insurance, competitive salaries, tuition reimbursement, retirement plans, stock purchase options, paid time off, and wellness programs. In short, carriers are looking for safe, dependable truck drivers and AIT training prepares those drivers for long-term, secure careers.

Many AIT graduates are already employed upon graduation and ready to set out on the exciting road to success. For those seeking secure, dependable employment in the industry, AIT can help applicants find a good fit with one of our preferred carriers.

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