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Diesel Truck Driver Training


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The Diesel Truck Driver course begins with a thorough introduction to long-haul driving and the history of trucking and moves into an in-depth study that goes far beyond the basics needed for the CDL test.

AIT’s dedicated instructors bring their industry experience into the classroom and practical skills modules and infuse the carefully structured curriculum with their insights. Topics covered include DOT regulations, vehicle & control systems, equipment maintenance, CPR & First Aid, extreme driving techniques, impact on family life, and work & personal financial management. Road & range practice, using modern equipment found in carrier fleets, offers trainees the opportunity to cover safe, efficient driving techniques and develop proficiency.

Successful completion of this program qualifies a graduate to work as a co-driver or driver trainee.

Diesel Truck Driver Program Highlights:

  • Discover the rich history of trucking
  • In-depth study of systems
  • Essentials of planning, extreme driving & emergency procedures, & special rigs
  • Essentials of planning, extreme driving & emergency procedures, & special rigs
  • Foundation of work & personal finances
  • Effective, safe, proven techniques
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