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Financial Aid is Available to Qualified AIT Applicants

Job security depends on obtaining the highest quality training possible.

Today’s truck drivers are no exception — they cannot be just good drivers, they must be better than everyone else. Extensive training is a key component to success. Once that need is identified, the next issue is how to fund it.

AIT’s Financial Aid staff regularly assists applicants in securing sought-after financial aid. Many programs exist to help those interested in continuing their education: grants, tuition reimbursement, financing, and military/veteran programs. The Financial Advisor helps with identifying viable aid options and navigating the application processes for the many programs available.

Grants & Aid

With the help of one of AIT’s Financial Aid staff, securing funding for training is as simple as answering a few questions. In addition to other aid options, there are several Student Financial Assistance Programs AIT is approved to participate in. An Advisor will match an applicant’s needs to the right program…

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Carrier Reimbursement

AIT assists applicants in securing financing, if needed, and a pre-hire agreement with one of our preferred carriers. Many carriers offer generous tuition reimbursement programs as a benefit to their drivers — some even offer 100% reimbursement of approved costs incurred in training…

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Education requires a commitment and investment of both time and resources. The Financial Aid Department at AIT is committed to assisting each applicant locate appropriate funding for training and has many viable financial options available…

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Military Programs

AIT thanks active duty, reserve, veteran and retired military personnel for their dedicated service to the nation. Accordingly, AIT directs interested applicants to the Federal programs available for military personnel to advance their education…

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