A Letter from Werner Enterprises

September 16, 2016
American Institute of Trucking, Inc.
Attn: Chuck Wirth President
440 S 54 th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85043

Dear Chuck,

As the nation’s fourth largest truckload carrier, Werner Enterprises depends on the training and subsequent licensing of our future drivers at our key professional training centers. In this demographic area of the country, one such critical supplier is American Institute of Trucking Inc. As the nation’s leader in transportation trucking services, Werner Enterprises has opportunities in Vans, TCU, Flats, and also offers OTR, Regional, Dedicated and Scheduled Lane options. Werner is proud to boast of the fact that we have one of the lowest turnover percentages, offer the highest production per truck, and have the safest and newest fleet on the road today.

Werner’s dedication to offering drivers the best lifestyle means giving our drivers high pay combined with high production. Our annual average pay for a solo driver with less than one year experience is $42,000 and continues to grow with a 1 year solo driver averaging $44,000 and a 2 year solo driver averaging $45,000. Dedicated opportunities range from $45,000 to $65,000 a year for first year drivers.

American Institute of Trucking Inc. is a professional training program and our needs are always well received. We recognize your training school as a definitive leader in the training of entry level drivers, and one that meets Werner Enterprises’ high standards. Your comprehensive accredited program, along with your detailed curriculum and length of courses will provide students with a solid foundation that should enable them to advance easily within our training program. To ease the cost of tuition, Werner Enterprises is able to offer tuition reimbursement up to $7,500 payable in monthly increments of $250.

We look forward to hiring many of your students, as there is always an ongoing demand for drivers, after they have met our qualifications, and allow them the opportunities that are available within our corporate workforce.


Jim Morbach
Associate Vice President
Student and Government Recruiting

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