Taxi Drivers, Bus Drivers, and Dump Truck Drivers: Try OTR Truck Driving!

Why Choose OTR Truck Driving?

More Money

OTR driving may not be for everyone, but it definitely has its share of benefits. On top of the great pay, over-the-road CDL truck drivers could potentially earn even more money through company bonuses offered through their carrier. Some companies pay their drivers more money for things like passing DOT inspections, staying safe on the road, saving fuel where possible, and traveling longer distances in a month.

Traveling Opportunities

People who love to see new sights and travel cross-country are well suited for OTR driving. Drivers can earn a decent paycheck while traveling across America and seeing landmarks they might not get the chance to visit otherwise. CDL truck drivers are needed all across the country!

Job Security

Right now, Class A CDL truck drivers are in really high demand. A combination of retirement in the trucking industry and a growing economy could leave a big gap in the workforce. When carrier companies find quality CDL truck drivers, they want to keep them around! Oversea workers can’t transport goods here from state to state, so the job can’t be outsourced either.

AIT Truck Driver Training

Are you in need of a career change? Taxi, bus, and dump truck drivers can apply their driving skill to over-the-road truck driving (OTR) and perhaps earn more money. The country is in major need of new CDL truck drivers, and carriers are willing to pay well for them!

Taxi driver – According to the U.S. News report, “Taxi drivers and chauffeurs earned a median of $11.16 an hour, or median salary of $23,210. The highest-paid drivers made $37,470, while the lowest-paid brought home $17,470.”1 Taxi drivers are needed in every major city in the country, but so are Class A CDL truck drivers. Without their help, goods and essential resources would never make it across the country to our various cities and states.

And you can make a lot more money as a CDL truck driver than a taxi driver! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck drivers make a median wage of $42,320.2 That means that half of the drivers made more and half made less.

Bus driver – Whether you’re hauling adults in a commercial bus or transporting kids to and from school, dealing with people might be getting old. Yeah, you’ll have to work with people pretty much wherever you go, but truck driving allows you to work independently for the most part. It’s just you, your truck, and your radio for a big portion of OTR (cross-country) trips.

School bus drivers make a median wage of $28,850 and transit bus drivers have a median annual wage of $37,470.3 Maybe it’s time to trade driving people around town for hauling cargo OTR!

Dump truck driver – Payscale.com puts the average pay for a dump truck driver at $36,000 a year.4 While that’s not bad, there’s much more money to be made in the truck driving industry! Consider that if you dump the dump truck and drive OTR, you could make $40,000 to $45,000 in your first year!5

And that’s not even mentioning all the great bonuses and benefits you’d be eligible for as a CDL truck driver. Long haul drivers transport materials across state lines throughout the country. Truck drivers in these positions have the opportunity to earn much more money because they spend more time behind the wheel and less at home than local drivers. OTR truck drivers could travel from coast to coast in a single trip before heading back home!

Looking to jumpstart your new truck driving career? There’s no better way than with comprehensive truck driver training and career-enhancing resources like AIT’s! Here, trucking trainees have the benefit of our Job Placement assistance program, which connects trainees with major carriers for potential trucking jobs. You’re free to choose your carrier at AIT, which is a great resource for customizing your career. AIT trainees have the convenience of flexible schedules and multiple school locations to choose from.

Want to know how to get started? Contact AIT Truck Driver Training today to find training options in your area!





5wage info supplied by Werner Enterprises


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