Professional Truck Driver Training

AIT’s Professional Truck Driver course begins with the history of the trucking industry and an in-depth introduction to long-haul driving, progressively building a strong knowledge and skill base that goes far beyond the basics needed for the CDL test. AIT’s industry-experienced instructors bring a realistic, objective wealth of information into the classroom and practical skills modules and infuse the carefully structured curriculum with their insights. Topics covered include DOT regulations, vehicle & control systems, equipment maintenance, CPR & First Aid, extreme driving techniques, impact on family life, and work & personal financial management. Road & range practice, using modern equipment found in carrier fleets, offers trainees the opportunity to cover safe, efficient driving techniques and develop proficiency. Once on-site training is complete, trainees transfer into a valuable externship with one of AIT’s preferred carriers for essential on-the-job training.

Successful completion of this program qualifies a graduate to work in a wide range of positions, including non-supervised solo driving.

Professional Truck Driver Training Highlights:

  • Discover the rich history of trucking
  • In-depth study of systems & procedures
  • Progressive skills & knowledge development
  • Essentials of planning, extreme driving & emergency procedures, & special rigs
  • Foundation of work & personal finances
  • Effects of life on the road for trucking families
  • Extensive externship
  • Effective, safe, proven techniques



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