Commercial Truck Driver Training

AIT’s Commercial Truck Driver program combines basic, solid knowledge of over-the-road driving, practical behind-the-wheel skill training, and an intensive externship for each trainee. Each course module is specifically structured to develop the necessary skills to attain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Coursework within the classroom includes DOT regulations, trip planning and equipment inspections, defensive driving techniques, and a host of topics essential for today’s truck drivers. AIT’s highly qualified instructors bring their real-world experience to the classroom, enriching each class and practical training session. Road & range practice within carefully limited groups, led by experienced instructors, provides ample opportunity to cover safe, efficient driving techniques with varying loads and under varying conditions. Once the resident course work and practical training are completed, trainees move on to externships with our preferred carriers to continue expanding proficiency and experience.

Upon completion of the Commercial Truck Driver training program, graduates are qualified to work solo out on the road.

Commercial Truck Driver Training Offers:

  • Comprehensive classroom theory
  • Behind-the-wheel road & range practice
  • Modern fleet equipment
  • Training with flatbeds, empty & fully-loaded tractor trailers
  • Externship extended training
  • Preparation for solo work & a successful career on the road



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